A downloadable game

In the year 2812, the small nation of N'Andula is overtaken in a vicious coup by a particularly annoying dictator. You, Moccasin Reed, are tasked with taking down the drone army of the evil ruler to finally find his hiding place. Locate the President, shoot the baddies, save the world - simple, right?

Be wary, though. A new model of robotic drone has been secretly deployed in numerous cities, colonies, and bases around the N'Andulan empire. This threat could mean death - or worse - for your own people...

The game involves surviving the terrifying onslaught of ruthlessly efficient helicopter drones as you struggle to locate the N'Andulan President. You'll be deployed to a variety of interesting locations, such as the surface of Mars, an ancient Aztec city, and the shores of Antarctica, where you will attempt to uncover the location of the evil dictator.

This game was achieved in the Unity engine.


  • Split-screen multiplayer!
  • A fiendishly difficult challenge!
  • A variety of different (and interesting) maps to play on!
  • End the rule of a ruthless tyrant!
  • Real bowling action!