A downloadable game for Windows

In the year 2032, war has come to the peaceful island nation of New Zealand, home of photogenic dwarves and fine wine. You are tasked with taking down the evil Tyrant, who has resurrected past leaders of the country as merciless robotic super-slaves. Locate the KEY executable - and shut 'em down.

Beware, though - the robotic army haunts the maze-like interior of Parliament's secret chambers. Incredibly powerful, fast, and ruthless, they will stop at nothing to prevent the assassination of the Tyrant.

This game is an old-style raycasting FPS in the vein of such classics as Wolfenstein 3D and (who could forget) DOOM. It doesn't need much to run (should run on anything post-millennium) and was achieved using the Raycasting Game Engine.


  • No DLC!
  • No regenerating health!
  • Saving/loading system!
  • Shoot politicians!
  • Relatively cheap!

Currently, there is a SALE on this game - from 5/12/2014 until 6/2/2015, the game is on a "PAY WHAT YOU WANT" deal - this means that you can get the game for free, or support the developers by paying for it. The world (or rather the game) is your oyster.

Install instructions

  1. Download the package.
  2. Extract the .ZIP file to a directory of your choice.
  3. Double-click on the KEY.EXE program.
  4. ???
  5. Profit!